Give Me 30 Seconds and We'll Change a Life Together

Dated: 04/17/2019

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Impactful Real Estate News

April 2019

Joe Cusimano

Give Me 30 Seconds and We'll Save a Kid's Life Together...

Welcome to the month of April. By the time you are reading this, you will be deep into it. That means I can't play any April Fool's jokes on you. I've never been a big fan of those anyway. When I was a kid, my favorite radio station in Chicago announced they were going to change formats and play elevator music and for half the day, they did, only to announce it was a big April Fool's joke. 

Another BIG deal in April is TAX Day! Yep, the deadline for filing those personal income tax returns. I don't think most people mind paying taxes as long as they're being put to good use. I think it's the waste that bothers most citizens. 

Both of these days I mentioned are certainly conversation starters, one full of funny stories, the other not so much. But, there are few days more memorable than the day you buy your dream home. That day is supposed to be fun, exciting and provide a great feeling of accomplishment. 

This is why we offer guarantees and assurances to our clients. We call this our "Risk Removal System". Like our Guaranteed Sale Program: Your Home Sold at a Price Agreeable to You or We'll Buy It*. And our VIP Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee: If You Are Not Happy With Your Home, We Will Buy It Back*. In Fact, our Exclusive Seller Agreements Offer 10 Unprecedented Guarantees. In my experience, these guarantees elevate our service and our clients experience. 

And by now, four paragraphs into this month's Homeward Bound, you're probably wondering how the headline ties into any of this. If you are reading Homeward Bound for the first time, you will notice that we give back to those in our community who need help the most. Like the Kids at Children's Miracle Network. 

Just down the street from where I'm typing, the Children's Miracle Network Hospital in Henderson has a full house of kids, with many fighting for their lives. And that is not April Fool's joke. It's also likely that taxes are the furthest thing from the minds of parents watching their children receieve treatment. 

As you know, Children's Miracle Network does awesome work in helping kids fight through and survive nasty life-threatening diseases like cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, leukemia and others. They also lead the way in early diagnosis of Autism and recovery from spinal cord injuries. 

Most don't know though that Children's is a non-profit. They depend on sponsorships and donations to provide their world class care and keep the costs for the families of these beautiful kids to a minimum.

This year, we are continuing our mission to raise $10,000 for Children's Miracle Network.  We do this by donating to them a portion of our income from the homes we sell. 

So when you or anyone you know buys or sells the place they call home with us, we deliver on our exclusive guarantees and award-winning service, plus a very worthy cause benefits as well. 

The reason for the headline is because 30 seconds is about all it takes to think about who you know that may be considering buying or selling the place they call home and give us a call. If that is you, awesome! If it's a friend or family member, that's great too!

Thank you in advance for your referrals! My number is 702-245-7227. 

Over the last decade of helping over 1,000 people sell or buy the place they call home, we have met so many wonderful, loving, caring people. We are so grateful for them. Thank you for reading this month's Homeward Bound and thank you for referring anyone you know considering buying or selling to my team. They will be in good hands and a very worthy cause will benefit as well. 

Go Serve Big!!!

Joe Cusimano

Momentum Realty


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Joe Cusimano

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